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Kodokai Aikido International

Minoru Oshima

Founder Kodokai Aikido
Temecula, CA
Minoru Oshima, President

Kodokai Dojo

Longwood, FL
Jim Ballard Sensei

Gainesville, FL
Mike Prescott Sensei

Orlando, FL
Craig Sonner Sensei

Taos, NM
J. Michael Jones Sensei

Northridge, California
Mike Siciliano Sensei

Hachioji, Tokyo
Yoshihara Sensei

Hamura, Tokyo
Cho Sensei

Kofu, Yamanashi
Takayama Sensei

Kai, Yamanashi
Takayama Sensei

Sayama, Osaka
Masaharu Shimatani Sensei

Matsusaka, Mie
Yoshitake Hashimoto Sensei

Ki Points, by Minoru Oshima
Illustrated by Masahiro Nikaido

" Our daily lives require dealing with people and problems continually. Even if the world becomes completely computerized, we still need to deal with people, somehow, almost every day."

" In your daily life do people upset you? How often do you find yourself trying to cope with people and situations that cause you frustration and anger? "

Helping you to realize that the true enemy is within, this book takes you on a fresh journey of discovery and growth.
Part I deals with life's many frustrations and challenges.
Part II is about health, achieving and maintaining it. Part III focuses on children and communication.

Paper cover $50 + shipping
To order, please send us email

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