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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that teaches self-defense. We teach self-defense from the perspective of not just protecting ourselves from an attack at the physical level. More importantly, we teach how to protect and control ourselves in our daily lives. One of the goals of Aikido is to learn about ourselves, who we are, and to build greater self-confidence in our abilities.

Ki Training

During Ki training, we work on developing our center, as well as the coordination of our mind and body. This is done through a variety of exercises. Ki training is designed to increase your awareness of Ki as it relates to your daily life. Some benefits of Ki training are stress reduction, increased awareness of yourself and others, and improved physical fitness.

Aikido Training

Aikido techniques class consists of the application of Aikido techniques while working with a partner, as well as working with the bokken, jo and tanto. During techniques class, we apply what we have learned in Ki class.

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